News and Spotlights

This easily observed and annoying phenomenon yields insights into center of mass and impacts. Jerome Licini and a first-year physics student demonstrate the effects of impact.
Professor Xu is one of only 23 early-career chemistry scholars in the U.S. and Canada to receive this prestigious award.
  Ivan Biaggio, professor physics, joined a distinguished group of scientists with his recent election as a fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA).    Biaggio was recognized for his outstanding and sustained contributions to materials development and understanding, for...
The 10-day festival will examine a Bethlehem reimagined after the demise of Bethlehem Steel.
The Washington Post’s executive editor returns to Lehigh to discuss his start in journalism and current challenges to the industry.
In her comic-book paper, Lehigh neuroscientist and artist Ann E. Fink explores the true tale of a psychiatrist and his traumatized patient, and argues that healing trauma entails obligations to society.
At the World Journalism Education Conference in Paris, Lehigh faculty will present on incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into an unlikely venue: the introductory, first-year mass communications class.
A new poster gallery in Lewis Lab shares research detailed in previous physics colloquia. As students walk to their physics lab or sit along the benches in Lewis Lab, they will find the gray concrete wall in one of the hallways on the second floor has been transformed into a “physics art...
Sociologist Hugo Cerón-Anaya's new book examines three upscale golf clubs in Mexico City and how inequalities are perpetuated in these spaces where the elite and the marginalized collide.
Volkmar Dierolf and an international team demonstrate the possibility of tuning the color of a GaN LED by changing the time sequence at which the operation current is provided to the device.
The freshman Congresswoman received an overview of the biological sciences department and diversity programs at Lehigh, and also toured four different labs.
  The host of “PBS NewsHour” delivered the 2019 Kenner Lecture for Cultural Understanding.
  On March 29 and 30, in a concert called Shine On in the Zoellner Arts Center, Choral Arts will trace the history of choral singing at the university.
Lehigh undergraduate students Holly Gwydir and Brian Shannon will share the Libraries Student Research Prize for 2019.  Sponsored by Library and Technology Services (LTS) and the Friends of the Libraries, the Prize recognizes excellence in undergraduate scholarship and the use of library and...
Elizabeth A. Dolan, associate professor of English and founding director of the Health, Medicine and Society program at Lehigh, has been named to the newly created position of Deputy Provost for Graduate Education. Dolan will officially assume her new role July 1.
Dr. Lloyd Steffen, University Chaplain and professor of Religion Studies, traveled to Brazil during the fall semester to serve as a Fulbright Specialist. While there, he delivered a week-long seminar grounded in philosophical scholarship entitled Moral Obligation and Punishment at Universidad do...
An international group of scientists dug deep into the past to understand how peatlands, a type of wetland formed by incompletely decomposed organic matter and water, might respond to climate changes in the future.
The new College of Arts and Sciences film and documentary studies program will be introduced at 4:10 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 27, in the Roemmele Global Commons in Williams Hall. Students who are already taking courses for the minors will showcase their work, and professors in the program will...
A team of researchers from Lehigh University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Lebanon Valley College and Corning Inc. has demonstrated, for the first time, that crystals manufactured by lasers within a glass matrix maintain full ferroelectric functionality.
Mapping how a mysterious liquid became all matter The leading theory about how the universe began is the Big Bang, which says that 14 billion years ago the universe existed as a singularity, a one-dimensional point, with a vast array of fundamental particles contained within it. Extremely high...