COVID-19 Advising Information

Throughout this challenging time, advising within the college remains ready to support you and your academic needs. We will offer advising through a number of channels. Below you’ll find details on how to work with us this semester and additional college resources.
Students are stongly encouraged to make advising appointments throung their respective departments. Advising contacts are:
Art, Architecture, and Design
Department guidelines and building access policies are posted and regularly updated at
Academic Issues
Pam Mongi - or (610) 758-3610 
Building access, labs, shops, computers, softward, social media, and equipment rental questions
Christine Kreschollek - or (610) 758-3610 
Biological Sciences
Academic Issues
Erin Curtolo -
including transfers, credits, major declaration, drop-add, etc.

General departmental questions
Judy Vasquez - Tatis -
including contacting faculty, scheduling room/core lab use, and anything else not listed.

Financial issues
Maria Brace -
including, but not limited to, work study, payroll, reimbursements, facilities issues, etc.

Equipment or safety issues
Lee Graham -
including, but not limited to, core equipment problems, safety concerns, facilities issues, etc.

All administrative assistance will be conducted remotely until further notice. Please contact the person listed below for your specific questions and assistance:
Kerry Livermore – Academic Coordinator –

  • Registration issues
  • Transfer credit evaluations or questions
  • Add/Drop guidance
  • “Plan of Study” course questions

Mary Roberson – Faculty Coordinator –

  • Meetings with the department chair
  • Course times and locations
  • Mail drop off for faculty or TA’s
  • Classroom/conference room reservations
  • Any issues not otherwise listed herein

Libby Seyfried – Business Manager –

  • Payroll forms and questions
  • Travel voucher issues
  • One-Card reviews and questions
  • Reimbursement Issues

These staff members will be monitoring e-mail and will respond to your questions as quickly as possible. If your issue or question requires a “one on one” discussion, please request an appointment time by sending a general description of the issue and at least three timeslots when you are available to the appropriate staff member

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Your best contact in EES will depend on the topic of the communication, as follows. The first-contact individuals are Andrea Goff (EES Coordinator) and Libby Seyfried (EES Business Manager).

Undergraduate students (contact: Andrea Goff;

  • Registration issues (overrides, waiting lists, permission)
  • General questions regarding the curriculum
  • Declaring an EES major or minor, and assignment of an advisor [in some cases, you will be redirected to Prof. Frank Pazzaglia, the EES Undergraduate
  • Coordinator;]

Graduate students (contact: Andrea Goff or Libby Seyfried;

  • Registration (Andrea)
  • Questions regarding courses for which you are TA (Andrea)
  • Recruitment, offer letters (admissions and payroll; Andrea)
  • Financial issues (new hire/payroll forms, reimbursement; Libby) [in some cases, you will be redirected to Professor Ben Felzer, the EES Graduate Coordinator;]

Office will be staffed M-Th from 8:30-2:00. 

  • M/Th Stephanie Kotz -- sjk315
  • TW Carol Laub -- cal0
  • Working remotely 
What we are covering:
  • Carol  Undergraduate student issues, major/minor declarations. General department and faculty questions. One card.  
  • Stephanie  Graduate student issues. Financial/budget questions.
  • Ed Whitley will handle transfer credit for undergraduates.
The department coordinator, Ellen Lewis, will be in once week on Monday mornings to get any mail, check offices and conference room to ensure there are ample sanitizing supplies. If you need assistance please contact her by email (ell414), by phone at (610) 758-3360 or schedule a Zoom meeting via email. 
Rick Matthews, department chair is available by email and will make Zoom appointments via email if needed.
Graduate students -- John Savage, program director, is available via email and will make Zoom appointments if requested.
Undergraduate Students
  • Bill Bulman via email for major declarations
  • Barbara Zepeda-Cortes via email for transfer credit approvals
  • All other program questions should be sent to Rick and cc'd to Ellen. 

All professors emails will be posted on a poster on the office door. They will make Zoom or phone appointments  on an individual basis as necessary. 

International Relations
For questions, students are encouraged to make contact with their advisors (listed below) via email. For questions about the program, please contact the department co-ordinator, Edann Brady, emb703, or the department chair, Prof. Norrin Ripsman, nmr316.

  • IR major class of 2024 – Professor Arman Grigoryan, arg210
  • IR major class of 2023 – Professor Chaim Kaufmann, ck07
  • IR major class of 2022 – Professor Kevin Narizny, ken207
  • IR major class of 2021 – Professor Henri Barkey, hjb2
  • IR-MLL major – Professor Yinan He, yih413
  • IR-Eco major classes of 2022 and 2024 – Professor Mary Anne Madeira, mamd18
  • IR-Eco major classes of 2021 and 2023 – Professor Dinissa Duvanova, did214
Journalism and Communication
  • For questions about declaring a major, email the dept chair, Kathy Olson, at
  • For other questions about the department, email Kathy Throne, our dept coordinator, at
  • For questions about The Brown & White, email Matt Veto at
  • For questions about your classes or advising or to schedule an appointment with a faculty member, please email them at the addresses listed on this site.
For general questions contact Mary Ann Dent via email or an open zoom link
  • Email:
  • Open zoom link will be M-F 10-12 and 1-3 during the first two weeks of the semester and reduced hours after that
Questions about registration waitlists and overrides should be directed to Mary Ann Dent at the links above. For overrides please provide the CRN of the section, your LIN and the reason. For multiple section courses or recitations that are full, we will provide overrides for a section that is consistent with your schedule but cannot guarantee your first choice as we try to keep section sizes balanced.
Questions about calculus placement and anticipatory exams and should be directed to Professor Terry Napier -- -- or Professor Daniel Conus --
Questions about transfer credits as follows. Please provide a description or syllabus for the course in question
  • Probability and statistics courses: Professor Garth Isaak
  • All math courses other than probability and statistics: Professor David Johnson
General information about math courses and when they are offered, mathematics or statistics majors and minors can be found on the department web page.

Contact Mary Ann Dent who will direct you to the right person for more detailed discussion.
For any other questions or concerns contact the department chair, Professor Garth Isaak 
Modern Languages and Literatures
For quick questions, contact the department coordinator, Sheila Alder-Stank, at
For questions, please contact the administrative office through email:; or phone: 610-758-5895
 To schedule an appointment for academic planning:

Administrative staff:

The Physics office will be open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm (EST). During these hours please contact us by:
Email: (or see below)
Open Zoom Link for “drop-in,” Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

If you need help registering for a PHY course:
Please contact Marina Long at
  • email:
  • phone:  610-758-3931
  • Drop-in Zoom from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, M-F
If you need help with general questions:
Please contact Pam Gescek at
In person meetings (drop in zoom):
Available M-F from 10am to12pm. You can access the meeting through a link on our web page:;
Please contact through e-mail:
Questions about specific courses, please contact the instructor directly.
Political Science
Who is staffing the unit: Terri Hamlin ( or 610-758-3340). Terri will be working mostly remotely as the office will be closed for walk-in, unannounced visits. A sign will be posted on the office door so that students can contact Terri as needed. In addition, an email was sent to all majors about the office being closed in Fall 2020 and posted on the department website in July 2020.
Who is responsible for specific tasks and contact information: Student inquiries about the department and Lehigh services should be made to Terri Hamlin, department coordinator, at or 610-758-3340. Student inquiries to their POLS advisors and/or faculty instructors should be made to the appropriate individual(s).
Contact information for all faculty members is available at:
  • Students are always welcome to contact the department chair, Professor Brian Fife, at
  • When the individual or unit is available: Please send an email to Terri Hamlin ( at any time and it will be addressed in a short period of time.
  • How to schedule an appointment: Please send an email to Terri Hamlin ( and she will respond. She can also set up a Zoom meeting with interested students if desired.
Questions and inquiries should be directed via email to the Psychology Department Coordinators:
Most paperwork can be handled fully electronically. The Department Coordinators can assist you in figuring out how to accomplish particular tasks. If an in-person appointment is necessary, this can be arranged via email with the coordinators. 
If you would like to learn about the psychology major, you can contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, 
The Department Chair, Dr. Gill, is also available via email:
Religion Studies
For general inquiries, please contact Jodi Imler, Coordinator, Religion Studies, at
For the department chair, contact Prof. Hartley Lachter,
For a directory of the Religion Studies faculty, go to
Sociology and Anthropology
Department Contact Person: Anne Nierer, Department Coordinator –
Open Zoom for Drop-In: Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday – 9AM to Noon
Other Office Staff:
Anne Nierer, Department Coordinator –
Professor Ziad Munson, Department Chair –
Professor Hugo Ceron-Anaya – Director of Latin American Studies –
Professor Kelly Austin – Director of Global Studies –
Advising Needs Outside the Department
For students needing assistance from the college's Undergraduate Office, staff will be available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.–noon and 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m (ET).  During these hours, please contact us by:
  • Live Chat available M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on our CAS Advising page
  • Open Zoom available Mon-Thurs 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
All advising will be conducted remotely until further notice.
For academic planning, including advice about choosing a major, drafting academic plans, selection of courses: these “one on one” appointments will take place via Zoom.  An appointment is required.
To make an appointment: 
  • Send an email to Include “Appointment Request” in the subject; in your email please state the purpose of the meeting. You can expect a response by the end of the next business day, or,
    • Use the Live Chat: Request an appointment and state the purpose of the meeting. You will receive email confirming the details of the appointment by the end of the next business day; or
    • Send an email to Include APPOINTMENT in the SUBJECT line;  state the purpose of the meeting.  You can expect a response by the end of the next business day. 
 For quick questions about processes and forms: 
Forms and processes: SOS petitions, Overloads, Apprentice Teaching, etc.
  • All required forms are available in an e-format.  Some of these are “Fill and Sign” pdf’s, and some are DOCUSIGN forms.
  • MANY forms and processes have been updated so please refer to “Forms Central” on the CAS Undergrad programs website.  Links to current versions of all forms are located there, along with directions for completing the processes.  Be sure to use the most up to date version.
  • DOCUSIGN forms automatically are routed to the list of reviewers in the order required; use the official form and it will “land” in the appropriate places.
  • Fill and Sign PDFs:  Complete the form and forward by email, along with all supporting documentation, to those individuals who are required to review.  Do this in sequence as indicated.  (Please do not submit “photos” of completed paper forms.)

Staff and faculty with questions

Please contact us through the Live Chat, or email us at
Advising Center staff contact information.
Beth Pelton, bap212
Manager, Undergraduate Programs
Melissa Phelps, mjp618
Professor Jeremy Littau, jjl409
Director of Student Success
Professor Jenna Lay, jdl210
Director of Special Programs
Professor Susan Szczepanski, ss08
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs