Chemistry First year courses

CHM 030: Introduction to Chemical Principles
4 credits - 39 sections available
An introduction to important topics in chemistry: atomic structure, properties of matter, chemical reactions, energy, structure and bonding in organic and inorganic compounds. The course features a lecture tightly linked to a three-hour studio experience that combines laboratory work and recitation.
Attribute/Distribution: NS
CHM 031: Chemical Equilibria in Aqueous Systems
4 credits - 4 sections available
An introduction to: intermolecular forces and their influence on physical properties and phase behavior; chemical kinetics; thermodynamics in chemical systems; and electrochemistry. The course includes a detailed treatment of equilibria in aqueous solutions, including acid-base, precipitation-solubility, metal-ligand, oxidation-reduction and distribution equilibria. The laboratory work emphasizes the qualitative and quantitative analysis of equilibria in aqueous media. Three lectures and one three-hour laboratory period.
*Prerequisites: (CHM 030 or 040) AND (MATH 021 or 051 or 076)
Attribute/Distribution: NS
CHM 040: Honors General Chemistry I
4 credits - 13 sections available
A first-semester course in chemistry for students planning to major in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, or other chemistry-related fields. Chemical and physical properties, structures, bonding concepts, and quantitative analysis. Laboratory includes synthesis, separation and analysis procedures; computer applications to chemistry. Three lectures and one three-hour laboratory period.
Attribute/Distribution: NS