Journalism and Communications

COMM 001: Media and Society
4 credits - CRN 43118
This introduction to the roles of mass media in U.S. and global society explores a media-saturated society. Students learn how mass media operate in relationship to society, controversies surrounding their activities, social consequences of media behavior, and theories for examining mass media. Restricted to CAS students but other colleges and upperclassmen allowed by instructor’s permission.
Attribute/Distribution: SS
JOUR 001: Brown and White
1 Credit – CRN 40119
This course is a student's first semester on the staff of the semiweekly undergraduate newspaper. Students register for this course, attend a meeting on the first Wednesday of the semester, and are placed on the staff. Because this is an introductory training class, JOUR 001 is for students with freshman or sophomore standing; juniors only with consent of department chair.
Attribute/Distribution: ND
JOUR 012: Brown and White Videography
1 Credit – CRN 41387
Enrollment constitutes membership on the videography staff of the student newspaper. Students should have basic camcorder skills and knowledge of editing video. Members of the class use the newspaper’s video equipment and work on assignments for the newspaper’s Web site. First-time students should provide examples of their work for admission to the class. Does not count in department‘s majors or minors.
Attribute/Distribution: ND
JOUR 021: Writing for the Media
4 Credits – Two Sections Offered – CRN’s 41493, 43776
Practice gathering, writing and editing news; definition and components of news; structure and style; interviewing. Study and practice in use of social media and blogs by journalists as a way to gather and publish information. Requires freshman or sophomore standing.
Attribute/Distribution: ND