History Courses

HIST 012: Inventing the Modern World: Europe in Global Perspective 1648-Present
4 Credits - CRN 44773
The rise of modern nation states; the scientific and industrial revolutions; social movements and the French and Russian revolutions; impact of Enlightenment philosophy, nationalism, liberalism, imperialism and fascism; the development of modern class structure and transformations in gender relations, art, popular culture and society.
Attribute/Distribution: HU, BUG
HIST 015: Three English Revolutions
4 Credits – CRN 44261
The Protestant Reformation, the Civil Wars, and the Glorious Revolution, from Henry the Eighth to John Locke. Examines how three bloody conflicts gave birth to the first modern society. Explores the origins of empire, capitalism, secularization, nationalism, and democracy.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, HU
HIST (CLSS) 021: Greek History
4 Credits – CRN 44041
The development of civilization from paleolithic times to the world empire of Alexander the Great.The social, economic, religious, philosophic, artistic, and literary development of the ancient world; the origin of political institutions.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS
HIST 043: The United States Since 1941
4 Credits – Two sections offered - CRNs 44997, 45003
World War II; Cold War at home and abroad; Civil Rights movement; the 1960s: Vietnam, the welfare state and social upheavals; new forms of cultural expression; feminism; rise of neoconservatism.
Attribute/Distribution: SS
HIST (GLST, LAS) 049: The True Road to El Dorado: Colonial Latin America
4 Credits – CRN 42969
Examines the initial encounters of peoples of Iberian and African origins with the indigenous civilizations of the Western Hemisphere. Explores the development of a colonial economy and its global reach. Focuses on the birth of a distinctive Latin American society and culture, with attention to the Latin American patriots who fought for their freedom. No prior knowledge of Latin American history required.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS
HIST (ASIA, MLL) 075: Understanding Hong Kong
4 Credits – CRN 42908
The development of traditional Chinese thought, beliefs, technology, and institutions from a historical perspective.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS
HIST 097: History of Rock and Roll
4 Credits – CRN 44983
This introductory seminar explores American culture through the history of Rock & Roll. Approaching rock music as a rich historical text, it surveys the mid to late-twentieth century through critical analysis of musical greats like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and an array of other influential artists. Students will examine written sources, podcasts, film, and the music itself to understand how Rock & Roll both mirrored and moved modern society.
Attribute/Distribution: HU