Canceled: Made in Nigeria, Made in China: Nigerian Mobility and Commerce in the Global South | Global Studies

Monday, April 13, 2020 - 12:30pm
Global Studies Program Vivian Chenxue LuAfrican Studies Postdoctoral Associate Yale UniversityAssistant Professor, AnthropologyFordham University, (Fall 2020) Since the 1990s, bustling markets across Asia and the Middle East have seen an uptick of thousands of Nigerian commercial migrants. While transnational and transcontinental mobility has increased, particularly amongst the Global South, so too have intensive migrant and diasporic investments in securing political and economic livelihoods in places of origin. Drawn from ethnographic research in the Nigerian megacity of Lagos, and the contemporary African trade sites of Guangzhou, Dubai, and Istanbul, this talk examines how south-south circular migrations and commercial links are generating new kinds of political critiques and claims to national citizenship.

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